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St. Albert Housing Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the capacity of the St. Albert community. The Society aims to provide safe, affordable living for its residents through leadership, pursuit of funding, education, advocacy and housing development.

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Success Stories

The St. Albert Housing Society is working in collaboration with local agencies to support individuals and families in greatest NEED in our community. Local agencies work in partnership to improve the self sufficiency and well being of their clients. The development of a housing plan is a crucial step in achieving lasting results. The Society houses families and individuals through the financial support of

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HOMEtown Campaign

HOMEtown Campaign The HOMEtown campaign is a one-time capital appeal to increase housing options for those who are most vulnerable in our community. The St. Albert Housing Society’s goal is to provide twelve rental homes at reduced rental levels that are manageable for low income single parent families, families needing to re-establish after domestic violence, and seniors who are currently living in poverty. Big Lake

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