Cadillac Homes Create Two-tier Society

November 14, 2015

Architect Avi Friedman decries North American stigma toward affordable housing. An interview by the St. Albert Gazette and Dr. Avi Friedman. Known around the world as Canada’s guru on housing innovation and urban design, architect Avi Friedman was named by international design magazine, Wallpaper, as one of the top 10 people “most likely to change…

Edmonton Needs a New Approach to Building in the Suburbs

November 3, 2015

He says Edmonton is losing money on every suburb it builds and won’t solve the housing affordability problem for its residents either until it embraces a different style of neighbourhood. “We’re repeating the same prototype for half a century,” said Friedman, a popular speaker and McGill University professor who is speaking at the St. Albert…

Cutting Housing Society Funding is Very Disappointing

November 2, 2015

A Letter to the Gazette City Council’s funding cut of almost 10 per cent to the St. Albert Housing Society is extremely disappointing and perplexing. With more residents being served and a growing need for more help, not less, council’s decision makes no sense at all. Adding insult to injury is that noone had the courtesy…


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