Cadillac Homes Create Two-tier Society

Architect Avi Friedman decries North American stigma toward affordable housing.

An interview by the St. Albert Gazette and Dr. Avi Friedman.

Known around the world as Canada’s guru on housing innovation and urban design, architect Avi Friedman was named by international design magazine, Wallpaper, as one of the top 10 people “most likely to change the way we live,” along with Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, and Sven Mattison, inventor of the Bluetooth computer chip.

A professor and the founder and director of the Affordable Homes Research Group at McGill University in Montreal, his research focuses on the design and implementation of affordable and sustainable housing and community planning.

The author of several books and trade magazine articles and an avid speaker, Friedman was invited to address guests of the 7th annual St. Albert Homestyle Breakfast Benefit Tuesday morning…

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(Source: St. Albert Gazette. November 4, 2015. By Michelle Ferguson.)