A Story Shared

I lost everything, my home, and my heirlooms were sold to buy staples like toilet paper and milk. Let me tell you, as a proud woman, having to depend on St. Albert housing society, and it’s support agency, are the ONLY reason my daughter and I are not on the streets. You do what you have to do to survive, especially when you have children.

I went from being a wife with at home one day, to sitting in a car with my child, with 20 dollars in my purse and no place to go, to escape from family violence, in a heartbeat. If someone told me that could or would happen to me I would of told them they’re crazy!

And here I am.

I went from looking after disabled people, to being disabled as a result of the abuse.

I depend on the St. Albert food bank, St. Albert Housing, Legal Aide, and abuse counselling support.

The St Albert Housing Society, helped my daughter and I appreciate their kindness with help and financial supplement every day!

I pray one day I will someday be able to repay every penny of assistance … Somehow …

So every dollar you give helps our children… puts a roof over us… helps the souls of us parents that find ourself in an extraordinary circumstance… helps fend off the tears, the fears… and gives us a safe place for our family.
so Thank you.

From one parent to another… Thank you for the roof over my family, the food on my table, and mostly for the opportunity so that my child can smile and sleep and go to school, and not understand that we can be homeless.
I hope you know it’s so appreciated.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.