Who We Are

The St. Albert Housing Society (SAHS) was incorporated as an independent not for-profit organization under the Alberta Societies Act in 2007. The SAHS is dedicated to expanding the capacity of affordable housing options in St. Albert. The SAHS owns rental properties rented at 15% -20% below market rates, and provides additional rental supplements to eligible individuals as funding permits. Information and referral services are also provided to the community.

To that end, SAHS own rental units rented at 10% or more below market rates, grants temporary rental supplements to eligible individuals through it's HOMEconnection Program, and provides information and referral services.

The SAHS is funded through a combination of rental revenues, government grants, and donations. Friends of St. Albert Housing Society is the fundraising arm raising contributions from individuals, associations and businesses.

Our Mission

The St. Albert Housing Society provides safe, affordable housing options and services to individuals and families of modest means in St. Albert.

Priority Outcomes

  • People in St. Albert obtain accommodation that is safe, affordable, and suitable to their needs.
  • Housing options are located near transportation, daycare, recreation, education, and community services.
  • People have the ability to live in St. Albert close to family, friends, work, and personal networks.
  • Stable and affordable housing leads to greater opportunities, improved well-being, and enhanced quality of life for individuals and families.
  • People can move into market housing or home ownership in St. Albert.

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St. Albert Housing Society

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